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Times of India has reported that there might be some interest in Practo raising a significant third round of funding. Practo is a doctor search startup in India that helps connect patients with doctors and book appointments as well. The goal of this round would be to help Practo expand into other parts of India and make more progress on it’s “preventative health” service they are developing.

If this speculation ends up being right it will be Practo’s third round of funding and bringing the total investment to just over $60 million. With more and more people in India coming online, but still a very fragmented healthcare commitment across the country Practo thinks they will be able to be the facilitator of this growth and development. They also offer a SAAS business model product for doctors to manage their patient data online and share it easily with patients who have internet access.

India is a country with a ton of potential and room for growth in the healthcare industry so it’s not hard to believe that there could be something to this. Only way to know for sure is to stay tuned and see! Here’s a link to the original article if you want to read more.