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In our not so distant past, business operated in quite a different fashion. Without the internet the world was much larger, businesses had a much smaller reach. Marketing was mainly geared toward local customers, rather than on a global scale. With millions of people all over the world having access to the internet, the growth of technology has changed nearly every aspect of the business world, and it’s easy to see the vast changes.

1. Connecting to Clients

The internet lets companies connect directly to current customers through the use of email campaigns and even customer surveys completed by visitors to the company’s webpage. The internet doesn’t rely on word-of-mouth or advertising campaigns, upcoming customers discover your brand while they’re on their couch signed into Facebook. Technology can now even communicate to their customers about promotions when the customer is near the location of the store.

2. Marketing Campaigns

Before marketing was focused on social media sites, marketing campaigns were paper or television based and very expensive for every company, and only the bigger ones were able to afford effective campaigns. In the 1980’s, television helped advertising campaigns reach millions of people, but for a pretty penny. An advertising campaign has the opportunity to be a lot cheaper, and company’s with smaller advertising budgets can transmit large quantities of information at a reasonable price point.

3. Research

Before internet, businesses were forced to have a lot of paper in their work spaces. The everyday essentials included phone books, encyclopedias, and manuals in every bookcase and on every desk. While it’s still important for companies to access these materials, these objects have become obsolete because of the internet. A workspace need only a computer and reliable wifi connection for workers to effectively complete research.

4. Social Effect

You have probably heard the many horror stories of companies who make a flub in social decorum and this ultimately decides the fate of their company. Like wildfire, users of social media can share positive and negative attributes of any company at any time. Taking an unpopular stance on a subject relating to culture can help build up or destroy a company. New customers can be gained by positive reviews, while people can also be turned away by a company because of their personal stance on a specific topic.

What used to take days or weeks, now takes minutes or even seconds. What used to take thousands of dollars, now costs pennies on the dime. The internet continues to change the way we do business. In the coming months, I will be writing about each of these ways, going more in depth about how and why the internet has changed them. Stay tuned for the next post that focuses on connecting to clients.